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Breathe new life into your 'seasoned' vinyl records with new turntable
belts & needles from AVCR Electronics. Browse our vast online cross reference
info & get personal help for that rare stylus or tape deck rubber belt.
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Most    ZENITH  models NOT listed use Belt Part#  FBM 10.5"(26.7cm)

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)     FBM 8.6"
Cobra-matic HR-966P

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)     FBM 9.2"
S-14067 S-14068

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)     FBM 9.6"(24.4cm)
GR-901-P1 HR-596W

Square Belt Small(cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick                       SBS 9.5"
IS-4031 IS-4041

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)      FBM 10.5"(26.7cm)
169-588 IS-4021 IS-4041 LR-902P/P1
LR-912AE LR-915P LR-915P1 LR-915P2
LR-916PN LR-916PN1 LR-919P LR-919P1
LR-920AE M-900P M-902P MD-912AE
MD-919P MR-915P MR-916PN MR-917M

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)  FBM 11.0"
5WFR-50 12WFR-51 169-335 169-336
169-337 169-341 169-342 169-343
169-485 169-486 169-487 169-490

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 11.5"(29.2cm)
F-587 GR-937P

Square Belt Small(cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick                   SBS 12.4"

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)FBM 15.2"(38.6cm)
169-579 169-586 169-588 4175 IS-4081
IS-4090 LR-919P LR-920AE MD-919P MR-920AE

                                                                            FRX 16.8"
MC-9030 MC-9040

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 20.7"(52.6cm)
169-149 169-159 S-53315 ML-2670

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 21.4"(54.4cm)
169-195 169-228

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 23.6"(60cm)

Ceramic & Crystal Cartridge/Needle CrossReference Page

Above are various types of needles commonly found in ZENITH  turntables.  When looking for a replacement needle
simply match the needle type you have with the drawing above.  To remove the needle assembly for comparison to
above chart, usually you can grasp it with your thumb and index finger and pull down and away from the cartridge.

Your                    Our             Our         
Model#                  Needle#         Cartridge#  Mount Type

E911 thru E966          898             P-176D
E9026;ET902,ET904       898             P-176D
ET914,ET915             898             P-176D
F584 thru F594          898             P-176D
F725,F736               898             P-176D
F902 thru F916          898             P-176D
F923,F924,F925          898             P-176D
F966,F8748              898             P-176D
FR923 thru 937          898             P-176D
G,GR584 thru 596        899             P-171D
G584,G596,G736          S854TD          P-179D
GR587,GR590,GR591,GR596 S854TD          P-179D
G736,GR736              899             P-l71D
G901,GR901,G902,GR902   M-854           P-441D
G903,GR903              M-854           P-441D
G904                    898             P-176D

914 thru 942            899             P-171D
GR936; G946AE           899             P-171D
G946AES                 S854TD          P-179D
H584 thru H596          S854TD          P-179D
HR584 thru HR596        S854TD          P-179D
H736                    S854TD          P-179D
H901,H902,H903          M-854           P-180D
HR901,HR902,HR903       M-854           P-180D

H914 thru H922          899             P-171D
HR914 thru HR922        899             P-171D
HR936,HR937,HR966       S854TD          P-l79D
IS4020,IS4030,IS4040    M-854           P-411D
IS4021,IS4031,IS4041    M-854           P-420D
IS4060,IS4061           760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
IS4060,IS4070,IS4080    760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
IS4070,IS4071           760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
IS4080,IS4081,IS4090    760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
IS4100,IS4130,IS414I    M-854           P-411D
IS4170,IS4175,IS4180    108-lll         QLM30Z
1J584Wl                 S854TD          P-179D
J,JR584,587,588         M-854           P-441D
J590  thru J596         760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
JR590 thru JR596        760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
JR900Pl                 M-854           P-180D
J900  thru J922         M-854           P-414D
JR900 thru JR922        M-854           P-414D
JR966;J9026             760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
K900;KR902              M-854           P-411D
K2579;KR966             760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
KR912,KR915,KR916       M-854           p-401D
KR919,KR920             M-854           P~404D
L900,L902               M-854           P-411
LC912;LD919             M-854           P-411
LC912;LD919             M-854           P-404D
LC912;LD919             M-854           P-441D
L-E50                   213             AT3472P  Pmount
LR912,LR915,LR916       M-854           P-404D
LR916,LR917;MD912       M-854           P-441D
LR917,LR919,LR920       M-854           P-404D
LR919,LR920             M-854           P-411D
M900;MD919              M-854           P-411D
MC9020;MD966            760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
MC9030,9035             760             M44E
MC9040,9050             760             M99E
MC9045                  108-lll         QLM30Z
MC9055                  710             AT3600  1/2" Mount
MR902,MR920             M-854           P-411D
MR915,MR916,MR917       M-854           P-411D
NC900AE,NR900AE         M-854           P-411D
ND902 thru ND920        M-854           p-411D
ND966                   760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
SJ2597                  M-854           P-414D
SJ2599                  760             AT3600  1/2" Mount
SL2597                  M-854           P-404D
SR917,SR918             S-854           P-180D
IMPORTANT TERMINOLOGY:  The term "needle" or "stylus" is the assembly (for examples see above table)
which inserts (or 'snaps') into the cartridge assembly.  The cartridge is the whole assembly which "plugs in" (P-mount)
or Screws onto (½" mount) the end of the Tonearm. Usually you only have to replace the needle as the cartridge itself
rarely fails, but when you do buy a whole cartridge it automatically comes with a needle assembly installed.

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