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Most      TOSHIBA models NOT listed use Belt Part#  FBM 25.0"(63.5cm)

Square Belt Medium (cross section) .066" (1.7mm) Thick SBM 3.2"

Square Belt Small(cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick SBS 4.2"
SL-3127 SL-3147

Square Belt Small(cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick SBS 6.0"

Square Belt Small(cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick SBS 7.0"
SL-5/C SL-50

Square Belt Small(cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick SBS 7.4"
SL-3127 SL-3147

Square Belt Small(cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick SBS 8.0"
SL-5/C SL-50 SM-200/M

Square Belt Small(cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick SBS 8.2"

Square Belt Small(cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick SBS 8.6"

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 23.6"(60cm)
SR-250 SR-F450 SR-F451 SR-F452 SRF-100

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 25.0"(63.5cm)
SR-230 SR-305 SR-A100 SR-A102 SR-A270
SR-A272 SR-B20 SR-B150 SR-B152

Above are various types of needles commonly found in TOSHIBA turntables.  When looking for a replacement needle
simply match the needle type you have with the drawing above.  To remove the needle assembly for comparison to above
chart, usually you can grasp it with your thumb and index finger and pull down and away from the cartridge.

Your                    Our             Our       Cartridge
Model#                  Needle#       Cartridge#  Mount Type

AX-8;AZ-8               710             AT3600  1/2" Mount
DS50,DS60,DS210,DS211   705             AT3600  1/2" Mount
DS120T,DS125X,DS150X    735             AT3600  1/2" Mount
DS1000,DS2000           734             AT3600  1/2" Mount
DS1208,DS1208X          735             AT3600  1/2" Mount
DS3350,DS4000           734             AT3600  1/2" Mount
ES7500P                 615
FS7300EA,FS7500E        615
MS35;SE40               615
SB40                    671
SL5,SL50,SL55,SL77      711             P-185D
SL3046,SL3066,SL3086    711             P-185D
SL3127,SL3147           793             P-187D
SM100,SM150,SM200,SM206 711             P-185
SM150                   719             P-187D
SMC3400C              M-853             P-440D
SMC5460C,SMC5560C     M-854             P-411D
SMC5460M                108-111         QLM30
SP252                   615
SP680C,SP780C,SP850C    615
SR230                   697             AT3600  1/2" Mount
SR5638                  819             AT3482P     Pmount 
SR-A102,SR-A200,SR-F102 705             AT3600  1/2" Mount
SR-B2,SR-B20L;UM-20     734             AT3600  1/2" Mount
SR-B22,SR-D33           710             AT3600  1/2" Mount
SR-B152                 735             AT3600  1/2" Mount
SR-F450.SR-451,SR-452   705             AT3600  1/2" Mount
SR-V12                  211             AT3600  1/2" Mount
STR5561               M-854             P-411D
STR7553,STR7563         108-111         QLM30
STR8563                 108-111         QLM30
System 22,33,55         210             AT3600  1/2" Mount
System 50,70,100        213             AT3482P     Pmount
System 120,8500         213             AT3482P     Pmount
System VII              119
System V12,V32          211             AT3600  1/2" Mount
IMPORTANT TERMINOLOGY:  The term "needle" or "stylus" is the assembly (for examples see above table)
which inserts (or 'snaps') into the cartridge assembly.  The cartridge is the whole assembly which "plugs in" (P-mount)
or Screws onto (½" mount) the end of the Tonearm. Usually you only have to replace the needle as the cartridge itself
rarely fails, but when you do buy a whole cartridge it automatically comes with a needle assembly installed.

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