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RCA phono PREAMP & Accessories
To pay by Personal or Cashier's Check, or Money Order mail to:
AVCR Electronics 582 SW Adams Corvallis, OR 97333 USA we ship anywhere!
Visa/MC/Disc/Amex use online form or order
TOLL FREE (866)BELTS-2U (235-8728) 1+ (541) 754-3664 Other inquiries (pacific time zone)
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This device allows you to use a turntable on a 'newer' type stereo system that doesn't have
an input specifically labeled "PHONO".  Plugging your turntable directly into an input other
than one labeled PHONO, will cause symptoms such as low, muffled or distorted audio.

Once you install this device between the turntable and an available input on your existing
stereo, such as CD,  TAPE IN, AUX, or similar, you will once again hear the audio from your
turntable coming thru crisp and clean at a normal volume level.

The left and right inputs on the phono pre-amp, pictured below, connect to the turntable,
and the outputs go over to your stereo!


    30Hz-20KHz response
    RIAA ready!
    6mV input produces 500mV out
    50Kohm impedance
    SN ratio at least 60dB
    Uses standard 120VAC 3 PRONG GROUNDED OUTLET
    For use with amplifers/recievers without a magnetic phono preamp.

(compare to Crutchfield® preamp @ $49.95+ $5.99 Shipping)
Also note that our RCA unit has a 3 prong plug which unlike Crutchfield's® unit

1> Provides solid grounding CRITICAL to eliminate 60Hz hum common in TT hookups
2> Our regular plug won't block nearby outlets, say on an outlet strip. Whereas the 12v wall
    adaptor on Crutchfield's Recoton unit will likely block an additional outlet.

but best of all.......
Lifetime  warranty against electrical failure.

$39.95 each  DELIVERED Via USPS "Priority Mail" in USA!
(with delivery confirmation)

Are you Backing up your LP's to CD?....Here's the magic cord!  6ft RCA to 3.5mm mini
plug! Just insert it into your soundcard's line input jack and start your favorite software.
For software recommendations please checkout the article.
And here it is in action!

We also have a regular 'RCA' to 'RCA' 3ft patch cord to connect the output of the pre-amp to your stereo.
If you don't have any additional 'RCA' type stereo patch cords sitting around you may
wish to have us send one along with your new preamp. Just $2 will save you some lookin or a trip to the store.

Are you getting a 60hz hum when the phono preamp is hooked into your receiver/computer?


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