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Breathe new life into your 'seasoned' vinyl records with new turntable
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If you were sent here by an email, it's so you can view those black n white drawings
to determine what mounting style your cartridge has.(1/2" mount or Pmount)  Then you can  just select the associated
cartridge/needle combo on the order form under the cartridge drop down menu.
These two mounting systems are universal with almost all standalone single play turntables made since the 1970's.

I have nothing except a round socket w/4 pins inside at the end of my tonearm...clickHere!
                    Audio Technica AT3600
½"- mount Cartridge With #211 Needle $35.95½"- Mount style
½" - mount Cartridge With 211 Needle...$24.95 (Original Audio Technica cartridge, GENERIC needle)
.6 mil Conical tip         20 Hz - 21 kHz Freq. Response           1.5-2.5 grams Tracking Force

                                      Audio Technica AT70L
½"- mount Cartridge With #206 Needle $45.95½"- Mount

½"- Mount
$49.95  At last! The Shure M78S cartridge.
This unit comes w/a 78 rpm needle, plus you can order needle 766 and get a LP needle that easily swaps out.
The catch is that the cartridge is MONO as jumpered in the pic directly above. You can remove
the jumpers but the 78 rpm needle will output to only one channel. (78 rpm records are all mono)
However leave in the jumpers and an LP stylus will only run in mono. (same signal to both channels)

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Here we have a limited supply of this Shure brand 1/2" mount DM95 cartridge kit with genuine Shure Hyper Elliptical needle.
Hyper elliptical tips have superb contact with the groove allowing them to pickup audio subtleties that regular conical and
elliptical tips can't even 'see'.                      NOS (new old stock)                                                  Made in USA by Shure
tracking force  .75 - 1.5 grams    no other specs avail. but since it's Shure and Hyperelliptical we doubt you'll be disappointed.
at $57.95 this is a super opportunity to get into a hyperelliptical

Another super find. Limited supply Genuine Shure Brand new old stock.  This unit has a 'dynamic stabilizer' which is kinda like
a shock absorber allowing the needle to maintain great groove contact on a warped record just like a good suspension system
will provide a smooth ride in your car and keep the wheels in contact with the road.  Combine a .2 x .7 mil biradial elliptical tip
with 25db channel seperation for great bass and you have a great setup for far below its original retail price, now just $87.95 delivered.
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                 Audio Technica AT3482P
P-mount Cartridge With 213 Needle...$35.95P-mount style
P-mount Cartridge With 213 Needle...$24.95 (Original Audio Technica cartridge, GENERIC needle)

Cartridge Wiring Diagram               Typical Needle Removal Method


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