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Breathe new life into your 'seasoned' vinyl records with new turntable
belts & needles from AVCR Electronics. Browse our vast online cross reference
info & get personal help for that rare stylus or tape deck rubber belt.
MAGNAVOX®  Turntable Belt & Needle Cross Reference Info. an AVCR Website

Turntable Belts, Needles, Cartridges, & Accessories
TOLL FREE (866)BELTS-2U (235-8728) 1+ (541) 754-3664 Other inquiries (pacific time zone)

We have Xref info for most ANY TYPE equipment; send usif your brand/model not yet listed.
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300+ COLO PICS  
scroll down to view online needle/stylus cross reference info for this brand us for help.

If your turntable is NOT listed, click HERE.

Most MAGNAVOX  models NOT listed use Belt Part# [No dominant size for this Brand]

Square Belt Medium (cross section) .062" (1.6mm) Thick                            SBM   6.2"(6.6cm)
AH-197M37 also see FBM21.4"

 Square Belt Small (cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick                             SBS 7.5"(24.4cm)
AH-57 AH-81 also uses belt FBM20.7  &  SBS8.6
AS-95163701 also uses belt FBM21.4  &  SBS8.6
AS-95173701 also uses belt FBM21.4  &  SBS8.6

Square Belt Small (cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick                              SBS 8.6"(24.4cm)
AH-57 AH-81 also uses belt FBM20.7 & SBS7.5 AS-9418 also uses belt FBM21.4(below)
AS-95163701 also uses belt FBM21.4 & SBS7.5 AS-95173701 also uses belt FBM21.4 & SBS7.5

Square Belt Small (cross section) .046" (1.2mm) Thick                             SBS  8.4"(26.7cm)
MER-054SL01 cassette belt

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)             FBM 10.7"(27.2cm)

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)             FBM 11.5"(29.2cm)

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)             FBM 13.3"(33.8cm)

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)             FBM 15.2"(38.6cm)

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)             FBM 20.7"(52.6cm)
AH-57 AH-81

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)             FBM 21.4"(54.4cm)
AH-197M37 AS-95163701 AS-9418 AS-95173701 AS 305M

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)             FBM 22.4"(57cm)
BB-1846WA01 W-754 W-755 W-756 W-757

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm)             FBM 25.0"(63.5cm)

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Ceramic & Crystal Cartridge/Needle CrossReference Page


Above are various types of needles commonly found in MAGNAVOX turntables.  When looking for a replacement needle
simply match the needle type you have with the drawing above.  To remove the needle assembly for comparison to
above chart, usually you can grasp it with your thumb and index finger and pull down and away from the cartridge.

IMPORTANT TERMINOLOGY:  The term "needle" or "stylus" is the assembly (for examples see above table)
which inserts (or 'snaps') into the cartridge assembly.  The cartridge is the whole assembly which "plugs in" (P-mount)
or Screws onto (½" mount) the end of the Tonearm. Usually you only have to replace the needle as the cartridge itself
rarely fails, but when you do buy a whole cartridge it automatically comes with a needle assembly installed.

When you find what you need, <----Contains Pricing info

If you did NOT find your needle pictured above then view the list below.  This is a ONLY A GUIDE for two reasons:
(1) Some turntables were sold as "cartridge sold seperately" and...
(2) Any given turntable may have any one of dozens of  configurations someone may have installed at the end of the
tonearm since the turntable was new.

Turntable Model     Needle      Cartridge

MDR050                      719     P-187D
MER054                      793     P-187D
MCU061,MCU062               710     AT3600
KE, KF0820                  369     P-420D
KE, KF0820                M-855     P-420D
K0876, 879, 883             557     P-l34D
BG, BH902, 911, 912       M-854     P-44lD
KDll00,KD1101               612     AT3600
MX1200,MX1250,MXl275        793     P-l87D
KD1202BK21                  612     AT3600
KDl202BK22                L-853     P-410D
KE,1203,LE,1203,LF1203      369     P-420D
KE, LE, LFl203            M-855     P-420D
BJ1205                    0-854     P-414D
LE1210                      612     AT3600
BA, BB, BJ,SK1212-1217      697     AT3600
Bc1219                      108-111 QLM30
LE1220,LF1220; U30          760     M44C
LF1236                      629     Ml10HE
MX1410,MX1411,MX1415        793     P-187D
FPl413                      596  
MX1418,MX1420,MX1430        793     P-187D
FP1463, 1513                213     AT3482P
MX1475,MXl600,MX1605        793     p-187D
MX1610,MX1700               793     P-187D
BG1708,BG1725             M-854     P-441D
BH1708,BH1725             M-854     P-414D
BA, BK1712 thru BK1735    M-854    P-411D
BJl712                    M-854     P-414D
MDl720,MD1721               719     P-187D
ME1730,ME1732,MF1731        719     P-l87D
MFl733                      796     P-181D
BBl737 THRU BB1743          711     P-185D
BC, MD1741,MD1743,MD1760    719    P-187D
BB1755; MD1852,MD1853       710     AT3600
MX1800,MX1810,MX1820        793     P-187D
BJ1823,BJ1825,BJ1830      0-854     P-414D
BH1823 thru BH1836        0-854     P-414D
BJ,BK1835 THRU BK1846:      697(206)AT3600
BB1847,BB1848               711     P-185D
BC1849,BC1850,BC1851        2ll     AT3600
MD1849,MD1850,MD1851        211     AT3600
MX1910,MX1915               793     P-187D
MX1920,MX1970               793    P-187D
EE, EF2000,EF2001,02      M-855     P-420D
EE, EF2000,EF2001,02        369     P-420D
ED2003RS21, BK21            376  
ED2003,ED2023,ED2024      M-855     P-420D
ED2003,ED2023,ED2024        369     P-420D
EE,EF2004 thru EF2101     M-855     P-420D
EE,EF2004 thru EF2101       369     P-420D
BJ2030,BJ2040,BJ2050        697     AT3600
BA, BB, BC,BK2051-2072      697     AT3600
BC2063,BC2073               108-111 M44E
EE2240                      612     M44E
EC, MX4010,MX40ll           793     P-187D
EC, MX4015                  793     P-187D
EC, MX4018,MX4019           793     P-187D
BG4924,BG4926; CA4936     M-855     P-420D
BG4924,BG4926; CA4936       369     P-420D
BG4924,BG4926; CA4936       557     P-134D
CD,CE4945,CE4946,CE4947   M-855     P-420D
CD,CE4945,CE4946,CE4947     369     P-420D
CE,RG4961,RG4967            557
CE,CG4971 thru CG4987:      557
RG,SG4987,SG4997            557
RJ4961,RJ4967             0-854     P-414D
BA5426 thru BA5476        0-854     P-414D
BK5426 thru BK5476        0-854     P-414D
RB5446                      7l1     P-l85D
RC5456; RB5482              697     AT3600
EC, MX6000                  793     P-187D
BB6056PE01                0-854     P-414D
BB6056PE02                  711     P-185D
BA, BJ, BK6056-6166       0-854     P-414D
BC6066                      711     P-185D
PD, PE6102 thru PE6206     M-855    P-420D
PD, PE6102 thru PE6206      369     P-420D
BH, BJ6164,BJ6166         0-854     P-414D
BB6167PE01                0-854     P-414D
BB6167PE02;BC6177           711     P-185D
PF,PG,PH,PJ6207-6226      M-855     P-420D
PF,PG,PH,PJ6207-6226        369     P-420D
BG6240 thru 6246          M-855     P-420D
BG6240 thru 6246            369     P-420D
BA,BB,BJ,BK6264-6277      0-854     P-411D
BA,BB,BJ,BK6264-6277        711     P-185D
BH6266                    0-854     P-414D
BC6286                      711     P-185D
PE, PF,PG6324-PG6356      M-855     P-420D
PE, PF,PG6324-PG6356        369     P-420D
BH6364,BH6366,BH6367      0-854     P-414D
BA, BJ,BK6374-6486        0-854     P-411D
BB6377; BC6386              711     P-185D
PE,PF,PG,PH6402-PH6456    M-855     P-420D
PE,PF,PG,PH6402-PH6456      369     P-420D
BG6440 THRU BG6446        M-855     P-420D
BG6440 thru BG6446          369     P-420D
BH6440 thru BH6446        M-855     P-420D
BH6440 thru BH6446          369     P-420D
BG,BH, PF,PG6520-PF6574   M-855     P-420D
BG,BH, PF,PG6520-PG6574     369     P-420D
BG,BH, PF,PG6520-PG6574     557     P-134D
BH, BJ6560PA02            0-854     P-414Q
BA,BJ,BK6562-6575         0-854     P-411D
BG,BH,BJ6564PN02          0-854     P-414D
BH6564LP02                0-854     P-414D
BH6565C402                0-854     P-414D
BB6572HP01,BB6575HP01     0-854     P-411D
BB6572HP02,BB6575HP02       711     P-185D
BB6572PE02;BC6582           711     p-185D
BC6586                      697(206)AT3600
BA, BJ6646 thru BJ6759    0-854     P-414D
PD,PE, PF, PG6602-PG6626  M-855     P-420D
PD,PE, PF, PG6602-PG6626    369     P-420D
PD,PE, PF, PG6602-PG6626    557     P-134D
BG6640 thru BG6647        M-855     P-420D
BG6640 thru BG6647          369     P-420D
BG6640 thru BG6647          557     P-134D
BH6640 thru BH6647        M-855     P-420D
BH6640 thru BH6647          369     P-420D
BH6640 thru BH6647          557     P-l34D
PD6700 thru PD6709          558     P-l34D
PE6700 thru PE6709          558     P-134D
PE, PF6710 thru PF6736:   M-855     P-420D
PE, PF6710 thru PF6736:     369     P-420D
PE, PF6710 thru PF6736:     557     P-l34D
BG, BH6740 thru BH6754:   M-855     P-420D
BG, BH6740 thru BH6754:     369     P-420D
BG, BH6740 thru BH6754:     557     P-l34D
BH6740PE02, WT02          0-854     P-414D
BH6744MA03                0-854     P-414D
BH6745NP03                0-854     P-414D
BH6746PE02                0-854     p-414D
BH6748FR02, WT02          0-854     P-414D
BK6750 thru BK6758        0-854     P-411D
BH6754LP02                0-854     P-414D
BB6757PE01                0-854     P-414D
BB6757PE02                  711     P-185D
BC6766                      697     AT3400
PF6824 thru PF6846        M-855     P-420D
PF6824 thru PF6846          369     P-420D
PF6824 thru PF6846          557     P-l34D
BH6845LP02                0-854     P-414D
BG68S4 thru BG6866        M-855     P-420D
BG6854 thru BG6866          369     P-420D
BG6854 thru BG6866          557     P-l34D
BH6854 thru BH6866        M-855     P-420D
BH6854 thru BH6866          369     p-420D
BH6854 thru BH6866          557     P-134D
BH6856AS02                0-854     P-414D
BK6874,BK6876,BK6886      0-854     P-411D
BB6886S01                 0-854     P-411D
BB6886S02                   711     P-185D
BC6896                      697     AT3600
WE6904,WE6906               596  
PE6910 thru PE6926          557
PF6910 thru PF6926          557
BG,PF6960,PF6966            760     AT3600
WE7000                      719     P-187D
WF7001                      796     P-187D
WE7010                    0-854     P-411D
BB7011,BB7022               711     P-185D
BG7004,BG7007,BG7008      M-855     P-420D
BG7004,BG7007,BG7008        369     P-420D
BG2004,BG7007,BG7008        557     P-l34D
BH7004,BH7007,BH7008      M-855     P-420D
BH7004,BH7007,BH7008        369     P-420D
BH7004,BH7007,BH7008        557     P-l34D
BH7004LPO2                0-854     P-414D
BH7007PE02                0-854     P-414D
IBK7020; BA7021           0-854     P-411D
BA7030 thru BA7041          697     AT3600
BK7030 thru BK7041          697     AT3600
BB7032; WD7064AS            710     AT3600
BC, WD7033,WD7034           719     P-187D
BB7062; BC7063              697     AT3400
FP7130,FP7230,FP7233        596  
BB7300                      711     P-185D
BB7400,BC7400               697     AT3600
BC7401                      108-111 QLM30
BC7405,BC7410               629     AT3600
WD7406 thru WD7451          596  
WE7406 thru WE7451          596  
BC7420,BC7430,BC7440        629     AT3600
WE, WF7433; WE7452          213     AT3472P
WE7462,WE7492               213     AT3472P
IC7550 thru IC7646          557     p-134D
EC8000,EC8010,EC8100        793     p-187D
MX8000,MX8010,MX8100        793     p-187D
EC8110,EC8120,EC8130        596  
MX8ll0,MX8120,MX8130        596  
TT8130                      596  
EC, MX8140 thru MX8167      211     AT3600
EC, MX9000,MX9015           793     p-187D
EC, MX9020                  793     p-187D
EC, MX9130,MX9300           2ll     AT3600
EC, MX9305,MX9306           2ll     AT3600
EC, MX9350 thru MX9361:     211     AT3600
EC, MX9400 thru MX9412:     211     AT3600
EC, MX9600,MX9601           211     AT3600
EC, MX9602,MX9612           211     AT3600

NOTE:  The replacement cartridge
listed is either a duplicate of the original
cartridge installed in the set. OR a
suitable substitute. if the original is
not available.

When you find what you need, <----Contains Pricing info

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