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Breathe new life into your 'seasoned' vinyl records with new turntable
belts & needles from AVCR Electronics. Browse our vast online cross reference
info & get personal help for that rare stylus or tape deck rubber belt.
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We have Xref info for most ANY TYPE equipment; send usif your brand/model not yet listed.
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If your turntable model is NOT listed:
If you still have the old belt intact:
    > Lay it out flat on the table
    > Pinch it at both ends & straighten the belt but don't stretch it.
    > Measure the length & then double it and choose or we will recommend
       a size about 3-5% smaller.
Old belt too far gone to measure:
> Just use a piece of string and thread it temporarily in place of where the belt goes.
> Then measure the length of the string and Email   us the exact length (inches). Along with your EXACT model number.
   If your belt has a round or square cross section, please give us the thickness as well.  We can assist
   you in choosing a belt usually 3-5% smaller than the length you measured.  EXAMPLE: You measure
   25" on your turntable with a string.....we will recommend a 23.6" belt, NOT a 25" belt as there must
   be some tension for your belt to work.
Email us if you have a tape deck, reel to reel, VCR, answering machine, etc.

Most DUAL models NOT listed are likely to be belt size:   [No dominant size for this Brand]

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 13.3"(33.8cm)
522 1257 1264 CS-1268
CS-505/-1 CS-506/-1 CS-528 CS-1258
1256 505-2

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 14.0"(35.6cm)
CS-505/4 CS-505/3

                                                                            OC 18.0" Round, special order

                                                 .187" wide          FBS 19.6"(49.8cm)
1241 510

                                                 .300" wide           FBL 19.6"(49.8cm)
601 1237
please check to make sure .300 is not too wide for your motor pulley before ordering

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 20.0"(50.8cm)
504 503-1 506 521 1009 1010/A/S
1011 1014 1015 1016 1019

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 20.7"(52.6cm)
1242 CS-435

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 22.4"(57cm)

'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") to .203"(13/64") (4.8-5.2mm) FBM 25.0"(63.5cm)
1209 1212 1218 CS-5000

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