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The 3M® BLACK WATCH head cleaner has been rated #1 by NESDA, the National Electronics Dealers Association, which is the
trade organization for consumer electronics servicers.   "The ONLY head cleaner endorsed nationwide by the National Electronics
Service Dealers Association."

Recommended for ADAT recorders!
As a servicer of Camcorders and VCRs since 1992 AVCR Electronics only recommends Scotch (consumer quality) or BLACK WATCH
 (industrial quality) head cleaner tapes, both made by 3M. These tapes are the only ones that have dry cleaners embedded onto  actual video
tape inside the cassette, rather than an abrasive cloth which we have seen damage or even destroy costly video heads by 'snagging' the brittle
head tip with the non-video tape head cleaners and snapping it off. Your VCR is only designed to have video tape run through it!


After (minus the line there)

Because 3M® head cleaners use real video tape they have a recording on them allowing you to see if/when your heads become unclogged without
having to remove the head cleaner and insert another tape to determine if the head cleaner has solved the problem.  We sell only the Blackwatch
version which was good for up to  400 cleanings, originally but recently 3M quietly reduced the length of the tape by up to 75% and it now says
"Good for over 100 cleanings".   We are not happy about this especially since the price remains the same.    $19.95 delivered to your
door via first class mail in USA.   If you would like to contact 3M the info on the package is:

Dirty video head symptom recognition:
1) You loose ½ of the video. You will see ½ the amount of snow over the top 9/10ths of the screen, and can still see 50% of the video
picture behind the snow.  You will often see a thin band of clear video flickering in and out at the bottom of the screen.  This indicates
that one head of the two being used at any given time is dirty or bad.
2) You loose all of the video. You will either see "snow" over the entire screen or many VCRs default to a 'blue screen' in the absence of video.
But will often show the video during 'scan forward/reverse'.

1) If one of the above symptoms occur, there is a  95% chance the heads are dirty or 5%  chance they need replacement.
2) If you still have sound and the VCR isn't producing any other symptoms, this is also a strong indicator that your problem is limited to video heads.
3) If you have thin 'bands' of snow with clear video in between, the heads are likely fine but you may have drifting alignments that may be causing
     physical damage to your tape; send the VCR in for repair.
4) If you are playing a tape or have just inserted a tape and one of the above symptoms appear, (usually instantly) then that tape in the machine is
    the likely culprit and to be safest, should not be used again. If that tape is put in another  VCR to see if the problem is the VCR or the Tape, you
    run a very high risk of 'infecting' the second VCR with dirt still on the same tape……just chuck it!!! you'll save yourself a
    lot of time frustration and money!
5) A dirty tape is usually not cost effective to clean unless it has been stopped immediately after a dirty head symptom has occurred.
a tech may then be able to pull a couple feet of tape out of the cassette housing and check/clean that short length.  It's not feasable to
do this for the entire length of the suspect tape.
6) If you have a 4 head VCR, the above symptoms may disappear during FF or REV SCAN this is because only 2 heads are used at a time
    but rest assured you still have dirty or bad heads.
7) If it has been years or never since your VCR has been cleaned, then we recommend professional cleaning anyway even though the head
    cleaner may solve the immediate symptom.
8) Head cleaners will relieve the symptom maybe 70-80% of the time; sometimes there is just too much dirt for the head cleaner
    (no matter what type) to handle, and professional cleaning is needed.
9) If you have white streaks shooting out sideways from white areas on the picture, your head are likely worn out and must be replaced.
10) Video heads are VERY unforgiving to someone who doesn't know how to properly clean them, if you are unfamiliar, then don't risk
    your heads and don't use a cotton swap on them.  You will leave lint and likely snag the heads.

FEB '04 UPDATE, the blackwatch is no longer available in VHS, 3M is substituting the
Scotch head cleaner, same material, same price, about 1/3rd the tape,(still 100% ADAT compatable)
per Scotch package "Provides 30 cleanings and 6 tape path cleanings"
we encourage to you contact 3M and let them know how you feel.
  If you would like to contact 3M the info on the package is:

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