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Turntable stylus

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Turntable stylus, and Record Player Belts information: Sound and hearingsound can be defined as the change in air pressure above and below an equilibrium (usually the barometric pressure). The mistake is often made of over tightening this nut with the result that the music is deadened. To be more comprehensive here is impractical, if not impossible spelling out how to optimize one product alone would take up pages. Victor claimed that a single tungs-tone was good for 100 to 300 records, but 50 is a more realistic number.

Some tips will have a slight tilt, which is acceptable, but too much of a tilt will damage a record since the tip will ride unevenly to one side of the sound wall. More research is needed but the interest and demand are limited.

About Turntable stylus

)The performance potential of a record playing system is defined by the capabilities of the phono cartridge. It is an interesting observation that, the better the equipment, the less filtering is necessary. You have indeed improved matters; you've just altered the apparent subjective frequency response. Fibre needles are gentle on records.

And of course only modern lightweight pickups can be used on vinyl pressings such as those produced by historic masters: Not even thorns can be used without damage.

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Turntable stylus

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