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Turntable stylus

Turntable stylus resources on include information about Turntable Needles, and more. Order today and listen to thoes old LP's once again.

Turntable stylus : Articles

Featuring the traditional start/stop button, circular on/off switch and sliding pitch fader, the layout presents nothing revolutionary and should be instantly familiar and comfortable to any experienced vinyl dj. During the 1920's the small "suitcase portable phonographs were popular and sold in large numbers. The gramophone played records at 78 rpm, and the needle moved laterally (from side to side) in a groove of even depth. When the stylus moves along the undulating groove of the revolving disk, it vibrates, and the vibrations are converted into equivalent electrical impulses by the cartridge in the tonearm.

Therefore, the eardrum physically moves in a parallel motion to the movement of the vibrating bass drum skin.

Turntable stylus info: Of course, if your 78s are already in bad condition, then using a worn needle is not going to matter much. To be more comprehensive here is impractical, if not impossible spelling out how to optimize one product alone would take up pages. These special styli can be obtained from expert stylus co. Optimizing the musical performance a record playing system takes a deliberate act of labor and care.

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