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Turntable Parts

Turntable Parts resources on include information about Record Player Belts, and more. The best needels and belts are right here.

Turntable Parts : Articles

Elp corporation produces a unique laser turntable that can optically read a vinyl record. Even if your records look clean, dirt and the steel or fibre fragments from needles used in the past, will lurk in the grooves. To allow the cartridge needle to track at the correct angle it is important that the base of the arm is at the correct height in relation to the platter. There are also original catalogues and owner's manuals for the different brands.

Polyvinyl chloride degrades chemically when exposed to ultraviolet light or to heat. The same advice does not apply for a steel needle. To rebalance the system, you can try moving the speakers, or improve cartridge alignment, or play with room changes or even component changes.

Turntable Parts info: Edie and his "a computer model of victor production output, we may date the year of production for a victor talking machine and the later victrola models if one has the serial number. The str8-100 differs from earlier-generation turntables in that it features onboard digital processing. It is recommended to place the large serrated washer (supplied by origin live) under the large base nut as shown below. See also Record Player Needles, and pages related to Turntable Parts.

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