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Turntable Needles


The best deal available on turntable accessories.

New - Turntable Needles

We offer Record Player Belts, industry leading Turntable Needles solutions, Record Player Needles information, and Turntable Needles tips. See Phonograph Needles.

Probably the cheapest option is a second-hand variable-speed goldring-lenco unit, one of the 'gl' series. Another needle is the fibre, or bamboo, needle. They range from around £350/$500 (and a long way upwards!). In this page, we hope to assist you in taking your turntable to the next level of music enjoyment.

If you cannot tackle this yourself, many specialist hi-fi shops can do it for you. Platter speed is sometimes controlled by what part of the pulley the belt rides on, so be sure to get this right.

His method, called lateral recording, superseded the earlier method. Victor recommended that its dealers employ a "used" tungs-tone when demonstrating records to customers: "A tungs-tone needle that has been carefully used once or twice is somewhat better than one which has never traveled the groove.

Turntable Needles

It is a high quality, ruggedly built unit, capable of seriously good results. If you cartridge height is different you can work out where the base of the arm should be from the preceding figures. If you have the unit apart to replace the main drive belts, i always recommend changing all of the belts while you are inside the unit. A wide variety of phonographs were also produced in europe.

"Tungs-tone needles will not wear a record more than steel needles if the mentioned conditions are right and victor products are used. Turntables from the inexpensive to the state-of-the-art are available. No company makes fibre needles today. Light induces oxidation of the rubber and forms oxides of sulfur and sulfuric acid in the presence of humidity.

A turntable is nostalgic and delivers a uinque, quality sound. Most companies also sold small internal horn table models ("internal horn means that the horn is inside, not exposed "external horn models, from earlier years, are more valuable). This may seem laborious but you will be richly rewarded as this adjustment is critical for performance. To end, a cartridge with a high-quality stylus imparts virtually no damage to your valuable vinyl.

Turntable Needles

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