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Turntable Needle

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We offer a wide selection of turntable accessories.

Turntable Needle - Facts:

Turntable Needle featuring superior Record Player Belts. We know you will be happy with our record player accessories. As air pressure increases by the outward motion of the bass drum skin, the eardrum is pushed towards the centre of the head; conversely, as pressure decreases, the eardrum travels away from the center of the head. Even the emgs cannot compete. Another cup had a lid with a hole in the center; used needles were meant to be dropped through the hole so that the needle would not be accidentally used again. It holds the stylus or needle which vibrates as it traces the record grooves.

It is obvious that you need to go to a hi-fi outlet that carries the turntable, tonearm and cartridge altogether. If your records are dirty, the stylus will be tracing the outline of the dirt and not the groove and reproduction will suffer. Many times, you will make a technical improvement which will reveal a previously underlying nasty sound. The pitch control has a user-selectable range (±8, ±15 and ±25 percent) that allows greater control of the record.

Most internal horn phonographs came with two or three small metal or wood cups near the turntable to hold the different types of needles. To allow the cartridge needle to track at the correct angle it is important that the base of the arm is at the correct height in relation to the platter.

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