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Turntable Belts

Turntable Belts resources on include information about Turntable Belt, and more. We have the turntable accessories for you.

Turntable Belts : Articles

That new idler wheel will help, as will removing, cleaning and re-greasing the main bearing. Pickett and lemcoe, in preservation and storage of sound recordings, states that "failure by chemical degradation of a vinyl disc in ordinary library environments should not occur in less than a century". The uneven shrinkage during cooling caused severe warping; entrapped gas would produce blisters; hard particles create loud pops and clicks; and the coarseness of the vulcanite structure produced terrible background noise. There is even a small chance that a worn stylus is damaging your records.

However, to play most records well you don't need more than two. Ideally you should use a machine which will wet-scrub the record and then vacuum it dry.

Turntable Belts info: If you have the turntable belt:· Pinch both ends of the belt. Ensure that the threaded metal sleeve is a the right way up with the recess on the top side. Then hold the stylus under a magnifying glass to see if the point is worn, rounded or broken off. Straightening the point is not possible.

As a result of this awareness, many, from generation x'ers to audiophile journalists, the appreciation of good vinyl recordings is making its way back into the mainstream and with it, a new demand for turntables to play them on. See also Reel to Reel Tape Recorders, and pages related to Turntable Belts.

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