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Turntable Belt

Turntable Belt resources on include information about Turntable stylus, and more. We have the largest selection of turntable accessories to meet your needs.

Turntable Belt : Articles

The records were made of shellac and broke easily. Try and fix the nasty sound, don't just go back to the previous setup. Is always happy to advise you on the most suitable stylus/cartridge. (You could cause some expensive damage.

The first commercially available stereo recordings were produced in 1957. A record is a vinyl disk that has a spiral groove with tiny bumps on the walls of the groove; the bumps encode a musical or other type of recording. 2 And emt 950 are regularly available from firms dealing in ex-broadcast and studio equipment. You have to match them and have them setup properly.

Turntable Belt info: A fibre needle is soft. (This is only possible on a turntable that features digital processing. On the other hand, if nothing has changed except that it now sounds "nasty," then you probably erred in the adjustment. It is not necessary to measure you , we just need the model number to verify which belt you need.

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