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Record Player Needles

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Record Player Needles, and Record Player Belts information: To end, a cartridge with a high-quality stylus imparts virtually no damage to your valuable vinyl. (Some units have a screw holding the stylus in place. If you can feel any motion of the foundation by lightly touching it with your finger tips while playing music, this is degrading your sound dramatically. Some belts are meant to be talcum-powdered, some to be slick; some are meant to be soft-faced (matte rather than shiny), some to be clean.

With a traditional turntable design that is reminiscent of the technics layout, the str8-100 has a solid, well-constructed feel. The most common packaging for tungs-tone needles was a tin box that holds eight needles. As the record revolves, the variations in its groove cause the stylus to vibrate. (See end for details of suppliers).

And of course only modern lightweight pickups can be used on vinyl pressings such as those produced by historic masters: Not even thorns can be used without damage. If you feel you're a fumblefingers, don't proceed.

About Record Player Needles

Some tips will have a slight tilt, which is acceptable, but too much of a tilt will damage a record since the tip will ride unevenly to one side of the sound wall. In simple terms, there is more recorded bass on a 78 and less treble than on an lp. This is probably the most suitable point to say that electrical reproduction with good, modern equipment is infinitely superior to original 78 gramophones, whether electric or acoustic. Examine these discs in sunlight.

) This makes installing the new cartridge less complicated. It is encouraging to see this packages by the manufacturer but these do not meant that the magic would come out of the box like that.

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Record Player Needles

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