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Record Player Belts

Record Player Belts resources on include information about Turntable stylus, and more. Buy your turntable accessories from us today.

Record Player Belts : Articles

Of course, if your 78s are already in bad condition, then using a worn needle is not going to matter much. The tip of the tungs-tone needle must be straight. If not, get expert to wire your cartridges to produce the same effect. So even expensive record players aren't really expensive.

When the "tungs-tone" was introduced in 1916, the needles came in a punch-out card. Many times, you will make a technical improvement which will reveal a previously underlying nasty sound. Jay-tronics stocks a vast selection of turntable belts. And apart from the stylus, record players themselves hardly age.

This helps reduce distortion and rumble. Or phonograph, device for reproducing sound that has been recorded as a spiral, undulating groove on a disk.

Record Player Belts info: Fibre company, a chicago outfit. The pitch control has a user-selectable range (±8, ±15 and ±25 percent) that allows greater control of the record. Jay-tronics stocks a vast selection of turntable belts. There are literally thousands of different tape decks out there and the key to getting the proper belt is accurate identification of the belts needed.

Subsequent developments included adding an eye to the needle and the gradual development of machines for the manufacture of needles. See also Record Player Needles, and pages related to Record Player Belts.

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