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Phonograph Needles


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>From 1948 records were made to be played at slower speeds, thus lengthening the amount of material that could be recorded on a single disk; such long-playing discs were known as lps. " Victor literature used "stylus" or "styli"--not "needle"--when referring to the product. Many other types can be found that will play 78s, but not usually with the required speed variation. A fibre needle is soft.

When the stylus moves along the undulating groove of the revolving disk, it vibrates, and the vibrations are converted into equivalent electrical impulses by the cartridge in the tonearm.

Finish off with a velvet-type brush to dry the bottom of the grooves. By inserting a short cylindrical shaft of tungsten into a metal shaft, victor engineers produced their "tungs-tone styli. Is a strong likelihood the exact belt you need is ready to be shipped to you right from our shelves.

Phonograph Needles

Usually the optimum setting is such that the top edge of the arm is parallel with the surface of a flat record you can use a piece of card with parallel lines drawn on it to check this once the cartridge is fitted. Hall sold fibre needle rights to the victor talking machine company in 1910 although issues from 1916 of talking machine world show that hall revived his fibre needle business, large ads warning dealers to avoid "infringing needles. Polyvinyl chloride degrades chemically when exposed to ultraviolet light or to heat. Using an older needle and a skip-prone record, i put the str8-100 to the test with some extreme scratch moves with a heavy hand.

This is because standardisation of groove dimensions did not happen until around the 1940s. The stylus is part of the pickup, a device that also contains a transducer to convert these mechanical vibrations into corresponding electrical signals. Because of the vertical movement of the needle, this recording method was called the hill-and-dale process. Also, don't expect valuable 78s to remain valuable.

If you have a range of styli experiment with which sounds the best: If it sounds right, it is right!For those with larger budgets, a greater range of styli will be an advantage although the differences in many cases will not be great.

Phonograph Needles

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